Thursday, April 15

I'm Invisible!

In the sky,I'm on a cloud!
   Floating by and through...
               Everything's snow white,I blend right in!
I'm invisible!
Pretending I'm a sneeky spy,I creep amongst the other clouds...
                Be the feather.Act like a feather.Light as a feather!
I'm invisible!
You can't see me.I can't see you!
      It's just like magic right?
I'm invisible!
Then I take off the bedsheet...
       Hey!I can see you!

Saturday, April 3

A true belieber  Via/ @LandOfBeliebers

You are not a true belieber if you brag about the concerts you go to and boast about the fact that @justinbieber mentioned/DMed you.Who cares anyway?At least he knows you're supporting him.There are people that are begging to even get a CD just because they don't have enough money.Please please please give it a thought and help each other out


~T xo
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