Friday, February 26

In order for life,there must be love

"Liking people makes you loose your mind a little"~Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor

"Sometimes I love ya.Sometimes you make me blue.Sometimes I feel good.At times I feel used.Lovin' you darlin makes me so confused."~Fallin by Alicia Keys

"I just want us back to the way we were before"~Do I by Luke Bryan

"And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.For me it happens all the time"~Need you now by Lady Antebellum

"And I hate how much I love you boy"~Hate that I love you by Rihanna

"I can't stop loving you"~Half of my heart by John Mayer

"Cause everything you do and words you say,it all takes my breath away"~Two is better than one by Boys like Girls

"Misty morning comes again and I can't help but wish I could see your face"~Superstar by Taylor Swift

"I am trying not to tell you,but I want to.I'm scared of what you'll say"~Fallin for you by Colbie Callat


Wednesday, February 24

Yearning for the outside

Leaves slowly falling down.The water dripping along the stem.Yearning to be outside.Only the window separates the flower from the other world.Leaning against the window,wishing for more sunlight and care,the leaves continue drooping...

~T xo
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Friday, February 19

Perspectives of a life,

POV #1

I love you.
I love.
Just you.
Could it be true?
Is it possible?
I hate.
For loving you...

POV #2

Things are getting difficult.
What to do.What to do...
Of course I don't love you!
Haven't they heard of the word "friends"?
Obviously they haven't.
Could be just me...
Or you.
That can't make up our minds on this...

Thursday, February 18

The Sun

My own personal spotlight following my path everywhere I go.Warmth and happiness spreads quickly as water flows down a rushing river.The light dances across my face while I remember ways to live life just right."Why is the Sun so bright?"I wonder.I sit back and relax for a bit,spending my time wisely.I rise as a leader to do things well without any worries.This is my time to shine.My time to be me.

~T xo
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Sunday, February 7

My goals

First of all,ever since I flipped through the issue of Marie Claire and saw Frida Gianni actually taking the time out of her famous life at Gucci to travel over Malawi,Africa to help support these kids who are affected by HIV,and let me say that it only takes a good heart to do that,I have been completely inspired.

[Frida running with the adorable kids]

[Frida watering some plants]

And she's not the only one that has done that!Don't forget Opera!So I created a goal.This is how I shall start from now on(And I quoted it by me because another goal of mine is to have at least one of my quotes mentioned somewhere)...
"I'm not the type of girl that makes goals because she is made to by someone.I'm the person that creates goals in order to live a better life.
So call me popular if you want if it's all based on how many friends I have.I have a tree-lovin,kind,animal-hugger,silly heart!Heck yeah!"
-I want to help the world
-I want to become an actress/designer
-I want to cherish my life.Good or not.
-I want to help the next generation
-I want to do the best I can.Work my best.
-I want to show everyone that it's not based on how popular,pretty,handsome,rich,or smart you are,it's all based on what's inside.The heart.(Some people don't even have the guts to do that because they are too busy being the person that they never wanted to be.Always be yourself.

[All photos belong to Marie Claire magazine.<3]

~T xo
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