Thursday, April 15

I'm Invisible!

In the sky,I'm on a cloud!
   Floating by and through...
               Everything's snow white,I blend right in!
I'm invisible!
Pretending I'm a sneeky spy,I creep amongst the other clouds...
                Be the feather.Act like a feather.Light as a feather!
I'm invisible!
You can't see me.I can't see you!
      It's just like magic right?
I'm invisible!
Then I take off the bedsheet...
       Hey!I can see you!

Saturday, April 3

A true belieber  Via/ @LandOfBeliebers

You are not a true belieber if you brag about the concerts you go to and boast about the fact that @justinbieber mentioned/DMed you.Who cares anyway?At least he knows you're supporting him.There are people that are begging to even get a CD just because they don't have enough money.Please please please give it a thought and help each other out


~T xo
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Tuesday, March 23

Imma be a BELIEBER

Yes yes I know what you may be thinking right now."Gosh!How can you love that 16 year old?He can't sing!"
People say it all the time,but I'm going to support him.We all do that sometime in our lives right?For a Canadian,he is a talented singer.The most favorite thing I love about Justin,besides his songs,is his dedication to his fans.I know he reads our mentions to him.Justin said so himself!He just doesn't reply to every single thing he gets though!So Beliebers-keep it going.Don't stop.We support him 24/7.
And for you haters...all I gotta say is that you're missing out on a whole lotta stuff

~Help Justin Bieber's newest album stay #1!My World 2.0 is awesome!Guess what the surprise is??Bahamas baby!With the lucky golden ticket!Wooo!!!Good luck everyone!~

Justin B.'s Twitter-@justinbieber

~T xo
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Monday, March 15


Road trips was and always will be a pain.Sitting in the car for three hours,trying to entertain myself from falling asleep was hard when the sun was rising.Tried listening to my iPod,my favorite satellite dance channel,and my sister complaints,"Are we there yet?This place is too long!"Okay so when we finally got there,my parents wanted to see all the shows and then go on the rides.The shows toke up most of our day,but some were amusing.The sea lion & walrus show was about a guy and his pal,Clyde,wanting to impress a girl named Cookie by solving a mystery.Haha!In Believe,I sat in the first row,so Shamu got me soaking wet.Baby Shamu was adorable!Pirates 4D made me scream when it had spiders and bees in a cave...-.- Water splashed on me when I "walked the plank".Thank God for the sunny day and my bathing suit :p Now the rides...Journey to Atlantis for the 2nd time was funny cuz I kept screaming at the top of my lungs,making the perfect photo opp time.Ran out of time in the end,so my family rushed into the Rio Loco,my dad and I laughing hysterically because my mom got drenched in the waterfall (:

~T xo
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Thursday, March 11

Obviously true

{The names mentioned are false for confidential matter}

Walked casually into the math classroom,prepared for the test that was soon to come.My books in my arms,I glance around the room to see several people still testing from the last period.Was it that hard?I nervously bite my lip,knowing that math is my second worst subject.Still nervous,I walk to my see him.I didn't know he was in third period math!There JAKE was,packing up to leave.Right in front of me...Wonder if he noticed me behind him yet?Trying to get past to my seat,I accidently nudge his foot.
"Oops,"I giggle.JAKE greets me with a smile on his face."Hey,"he whispers back,nodding to the test-takers.I finally notice that he meant to be quiet for the others.Nodding,I take my seat,letting JAKE continue his work.Taking a deep breath,I prepare myself with a pencil,an eraser,and a sheet of notebook paper for the test.JAKE finally stands up to put away the calculator.Somehow,he managed to retrieve his guts to stop at my seat.
"Here.Just go ahead and use this one,"JAKE,still whispering,offering me his calculator.Number 84....How sweet of him to lend me it!Smiling in thanks,I take it from his hands,fumbling with the cover."Is the test easy?"The big question quickly spills out from my lips."Yeah."Without thinking,I smile again at how smoothly our conversation was going.It's been so long...{Refer to Remember When?}


Reduce.Reuse.Recycle. (:

School project about recycling.Click.Read.Listen.Love <33>

Thx.BTW if you want to comment,create an account.Don't want to do that?Comment on this blog (:

Wednesday, March 10

Sunken heart[A Titanic POV;Part 1]

"Father?Daddy!Where are you?"I rushed around the dark ship,my voice echoing as I run,worrying for everyones' lives.It was April 10, 1912,my pocketwatch said so.Skies were still dark and depressing,just like the mood we're in now.Everyone was either lost,escaping,or finding their loved ones,as I am doing now.The water splashes with my every step,making the hem of my lavender dress soaking wet.The ship was sinking fast.All because of an iceberg!It soon got colder than snow on the ship.Temperatures dropped rapidly.The water was starting to rise even quicker.My head turns sharply to the side in search of my family.
"Daddy?Mother?Tracy!"Whimpering with fear,I check every bedroom for stirrings."Anyone here?Reply if you hear me!"Again,nothing but an echo.Lights flicker just as the water mixes with its bulbs.The hallways is completely deserted besides me hoping that my parents would rejoin with me again.I miss my sister's laugh,my father's jokes,my mother's innocent and sincere smile.Tears leave the corner of my eyes.Slipping down my cheeks like a wilting rose.It drops down to the 9 inch puddles below me.
"Plop!"Water drops from the ceiling as well.Another echo.Another hope crashed.Where are they?I will never leave without my family!With my every will,I dash back and forth from room to room,trying to find my family along with some survivers.

~T xo
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Wednesday, March 3


People are asked a question.They answer.I reply.

Their opinions(true about me)-
-likes to dance
-can't drink a gallon of water in a day
-never had stiches
-can't throw a fb spiral
-can do 20 pushups
-volunteer community service
-shouldn't dance like Michael Jackson xD

~T xo
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Tuesday, March 2

Remember when?

Remember when you used to make fun of the girls on the cover of books and we would laugh hysterically at your expression?

Remember when we would call each other "Loser" just for the fun of it?
Remember when we would tease each other and then apologize afterwards?
Remember when you created a nickname(Triple T)for me?
Remember when just a smile and a wave was our greeting?
Remember when we would race each other to class and then talk in the hallways?

Just the thought of the times back then makes me want to smile my whole life (:

~T xo
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Friday, February 26

In order for life,there must be love

"Liking people makes you loose your mind a little"~Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor

"Sometimes I love ya.Sometimes you make me blue.Sometimes I feel good.At times I feel used.Lovin' you darlin makes me so confused."~Fallin by Alicia Keys

"I just want us back to the way we were before"~Do I by Luke Bryan

"And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.For me it happens all the time"~Need you now by Lady Antebellum

"And I hate how much I love you boy"~Hate that I love you by Rihanna

"I can't stop loving you"~Half of my heart by John Mayer

"Cause everything you do and words you say,it all takes my breath away"~Two is better than one by Boys like Girls

"Misty morning comes again and I can't help but wish I could see your face"~Superstar by Taylor Swift

"I am trying not to tell you,but I want to.I'm scared of what you'll say"~Fallin for you by Colbie Callat


Wednesday, February 24

Yearning for the outside

Leaves slowly falling down.The water dripping along the stem.Yearning to be outside.Only the window separates the flower from the other world.Leaning against the window,wishing for more sunlight and care,the leaves continue drooping...

~T xo
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Friday, February 19

Perspectives of a life,

POV #1

I love you.
I love.
Just you.
Could it be true?
Is it possible?
I hate.
For loving you...

POV #2

Things are getting difficult.
What to do.What to do...
Of course I don't love you!
Haven't they heard of the word "friends"?
Obviously they haven't.
Could be just me...
Or you.
That can't make up our minds on this...

Thursday, February 18

The Sun

My own personal spotlight following my path everywhere I go.Warmth and happiness spreads quickly as water flows down a rushing river.The light dances across my face while I remember ways to live life just right."Why is the Sun so bright?"I wonder.I sit back and relax for a bit,spending my time wisely.I rise as a leader to do things well without any worries.This is my time to shine.My time to be me.

~T xo
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Sunday, February 7

My goals

First of all,ever since I flipped through the issue of Marie Claire and saw Frida Gianni actually taking the time out of her famous life at Gucci to travel over Malawi,Africa to help support these kids who are affected by HIV,and let me say that it only takes a good heart to do that,I have been completely inspired.

[Frida running with the adorable kids]

[Frida watering some plants]

And she's not the only one that has done that!Don't forget Opera!So I created a goal.This is how I shall start from now on(And I quoted it by me because another goal of mine is to have at least one of my quotes mentioned somewhere)...
"I'm not the type of girl that makes goals because she is made to by someone.I'm the person that creates goals in order to live a better life.
So call me popular if you want if it's all based on how many friends I have.I have a tree-lovin,kind,animal-hugger,silly heart!Heck yeah!"
-I want to help the world
-I want to become an actress/designer
-I want to cherish my life.Good or not.
-I want to help the next generation
-I want to do the best I can.Work my best.
-I want to show everyone that it's not based on how popular,pretty,handsome,rich,or smart you are,it's all based on what's inside.The heart.(Some people don't even have the guts to do that because they are too busy being the person that they never wanted to be.Always be yourself.

[All photos belong to Marie Claire magazine.<3]

~T xo
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Saturday, January 30

Paint Day

We all started off with 5 paintjars of different colors:Pink,Green,Black,White,and Blue.This was no ordinary paint day.This was a paint SPLATTER day. :D My friends and I grabbed a can and we started.Today was the day where mistakes were allowed...Just as long as it doesn't get on the ceiling.Tape was everywhere!Her mom taped up the door so we couldn't get out for 3 hours. :O When we were finally done,her mom toke us out to Double Dave's to get pizza and cinnimon sticks.The funny part was that since our shorts were still wet,we couldn't put our sweats on.Nevertheless,not even take it off to replace
it.So we went out in the 30 degree weather in shorts and ran around like maniacs trying to keep warm...Finally our stomachs were full and we were driving back home when her mom suddenly drove in a different neighborhood on "accident".Started showing me houses of my classmates including his.His!Ughhh

~T xo
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Friday, January 29

Visit to the Oracle...

You will have a chance to realize your hopes and wishes to enjoy life as long as you learn what love is.Find someone with whom you want nothing less than to spend your life together.To achieve this,put your needs first,especially if you have a fear of feeling alone or being alone.
Prophecy-"The fires of patience crystallize.The jewels of love sought by the wise.Keep doing as you've always done,the golden ring is almost won.Worry not,have faith for soon.The fates will grant you a special boon."

This is only for me.Help me translate the prophecy?

~T xo
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Am I lying to myself?

A friend asked me a question today that left me thinking about a whole lot "Is there a part of you that still loves him?".I've been thinking about it all day and I don't know how I should feel.Sure we're good friends and all.With all those mixed up signals he's sending me,all of my friends think he likes me.They're even planning our wedding!Is my future that readable?Could it change?I try to tell myself to move on.This is supposed to happen anyway.If something doesn't go right,either try again or move on with it...But still.Do I love him?Or do I not?That's the question right now.Things aren't going so well for me these past couple of days.Everything reminds me of you.Whether you're my friend or my crush.It seems like God is trying to tell me something to do.This is almost like a hint in every single minute of my life.Is He meaning that I should say yes?Love is pretty complicated.I've learned that...But can I deal with it?

Wednesday, January 27

1st blog on blogpress

Well just like the title says...this is my first blog from blogpress,an app requested by a friend. (: Yup.Short blog this time.Not usual at all.Such a waste...Well.Blog with ya soon readers!

~T xo
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Monday, January 18

Taylor Swift's Top 10 Love Rules

Source:Feb.issue of Girls' Life magazine with Taylor's interview+my thoughts underneath

1.Love your single status.
Take it as a chance with your friends and by yourself

2.Take all kinds of compliments.
Say thank you each time you recieve one,no matter how little

3.Look for love everywhere.
Doesn't always have to be with a boy.It could be with friends,family,or the things you personally love

4.Put your friends before fellas.
If your friend has cried for a big jerko,say bye bye!

5.Be yourself.
People love you for what you are

6.Make sure he's single.
Take risks

7.Breakups happen for a reason.
Learn something from a bad thing

8.When it's over.It's over.
If it's over,don't bother to try to get back together

9.What goes around,comes around.
If there's a problem,stay positive

10.When it's the real deal,you'll know.
You will get this feeling when "it's" there...

ILY!xoxo <3

Monday, January 11

I don't know anymore

Am I lying to myself?Does he really like me?Life seems impossible these days.I think I'm over him.Whenever people ask me if I still like him,I don't know how to reply.A little?Not at all anymore?Totally?These past weeks have been piling tons and tons of questions on me.I believe people are honest.Really.I have a feeling when they are telling the truth.I don't get why people would keep asking me and him(grammar?)We don't like each.Well,I'm not sure how to reply,but for now.I say no as well.I'm also starting to get really confused here.Some of my friends already planned my wedding...Like really?No need for that.My life is difficult enough.Thank you very much.Today I learned that-even though it isn't my fault that people keep bothering us,I apologized for everything.Nbig deal.just a sorry with a quick explanation.It actually makes everything slightly better.Ehh,at least I got something off my shoulders.

~Team Tina.NOT T & A (I go solo. ;) Less problems)

Thursday, January 7

Life's a record...(hidden meaning)

My Life right now is like a Record that is about to be Broken.The song keeps playing again and again,just Messing with me.The record almost fell one time and while trying to catch it,I was the one that Fell.It must be broken then.A record can't mess you up unless you've fallen way to much just trying to keep it playing for you.So what is it that I must do now?Leave it to Break on its own?Or continue falling until I've found a solution to fix the Problem?Just Treasure what you have and don't mess with it.Try to move Forward with life.If not,Time will find a way to fix your problems.

A conversation is bigger than a speech...

Think of the big words in a dictionary.Think of the words a kid in Pre-K would learn.Think of a speech.Then think of a short conversation...Which ones would change a life?A perspective?A feeling?A thought?Most people would say a speech,but what I think is a conversation.Why say too many words when all you do is tire out your voice?A conversation can express more of your feelings and let people know who the true you is...Unless you're lying,then everything changes.Plus,a conversation is much shorter than a whole speech.It makes things go by much faster.What do you do when you're "bored"?Most people talk.See?A conversation DOES make things go by much faster.Enjoy life.Spend your time doing something.Every single second you are actually doing something.Really.Put your hand on your upper-left part of your chest.Do you feel something?A pounding?That's your heart.It means you're still alive and breathing.Facing every single problem in life,easy or hard,and making it thorough.That's what you are doing.Breathing.Now there isn't such a word such as "bored" anymore since you have read this. :) ~T