Saturday, January 30

Paint Day

We all started off with 5 paintjars of different colors:Pink,Green,Black,White,and Blue.This was no ordinary paint day.This was a paint SPLATTER day. :D My friends and I grabbed a can and we started.Today was the day where mistakes were allowed...Just as long as it doesn't get on the ceiling.Tape was everywhere!Her mom taped up the door so we couldn't get out for 3 hours. :O When we were finally done,her mom toke us out to Double Dave's to get pizza and cinnimon sticks.The funny part was that since our shorts were still wet,we couldn't put our sweats on.Nevertheless,not even take it off to replace
it.So we went out in the 30 degree weather in shorts and ran around like maniacs trying to keep warm...Finally our stomachs were full and we were driving back home when her mom suddenly drove in a different neighborhood on "accident".Started showing me houses of my classmates including his.His!Ughhh

~T xo
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Friday, January 29

Visit to the Oracle...

You will have a chance to realize your hopes and wishes to enjoy life as long as you learn what love is.Find someone with whom you want nothing less than to spend your life together.To achieve this,put your needs first,especially if you have a fear of feeling alone or being alone.
Prophecy-"The fires of patience crystallize.The jewels of love sought by the wise.Keep doing as you've always done,the golden ring is almost won.Worry not,have faith for soon.The fates will grant you a special boon."

This is only for me.Help me translate the prophecy?

~T xo
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Am I lying to myself?

A friend asked me a question today that left me thinking about a whole lot "Is there a part of you that still loves him?".I've been thinking about it all day and I don't know how I should feel.Sure we're good friends and all.With all those mixed up signals he's sending me,all of my friends think he likes me.They're even planning our wedding!Is my future that readable?Could it change?I try to tell myself to move on.This is supposed to happen anyway.If something doesn't go right,either try again or move on with it...But still.Do I love him?Or do I not?That's the question right now.Things aren't going so well for me these past couple of days.Everything reminds me of you.Whether you're my friend or my crush.It seems like God is trying to tell me something to do.This is almost like a hint in every single minute of my life.Is He meaning that I should say yes?Love is pretty complicated.I've learned that...But can I deal with it?

Wednesday, January 27

1st blog on blogpress

Well just like the title says...this is my first blog from blogpress,an app requested by a friend. (: Yup.Short blog this time.Not usual at all.Such a waste...Well.Blog with ya soon readers!

~T xo
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Monday, January 18

Taylor Swift's Top 10 Love Rules

Source:Feb.issue of Girls' Life magazine with Taylor's interview+my thoughts underneath

1.Love your single status.
Take it as a chance with your friends and by yourself

2.Take all kinds of compliments.
Say thank you each time you recieve one,no matter how little

3.Look for love everywhere.
Doesn't always have to be with a boy.It could be with friends,family,or the things you personally love

4.Put your friends before fellas.
If your friend has cried for a big jerko,say bye bye!

5.Be yourself.
People love you for what you are

6.Make sure he's single.
Take risks

7.Breakups happen for a reason.
Learn something from a bad thing

8.When it's over.It's over.
If it's over,don't bother to try to get back together

9.What goes around,comes around.
If there's a problem,stay positive

10.When it's the real deal,you'll know.
You will get this feeling when "it's" there...

ILY!xoxo <3

Monday, January 11

I don't know anymore

Am I lying to myself?Does he really like me?Life seems impossible these days.I think I'm over him.Whenever people ask me if I still like him,I don't know how to reply.A little?Not at all anymore?Totally?These past weeks have been piling tons and tons of questions on me.I believe people are honest.Really.I have a feeling when they are telling the truth.I don't get why people would keep asking me and him(grammar?)We don't like each.Well,I'm not sure how to reply,but for now.I say no as well.I'm also starting to get really confused here.Some of my friends already planned my wedding...Like really?No need for that.My life is difficult enough.Thank you very much.Today I learned that-even though it isn't my fault that people keep bothering us,I apologized for everything.Nbig deal.just a sorry with a quick explanation.It actually makes everything slightly better.Ehh,at least I got something off my shoulders.

~Team Tina.NOT T & A (I go solo. ;) Less problems)

Thursday, January 7

Life's a record...(hidden meaning)

My Life right now is like a Record that is about to be Broken.The song keeps playing again and again,just Messing with me.The record almost fell one time and while trying to catch it,I was the one that Fell.It must be broken then.A record can't mess you up unless you've fallen way to much just trying to keep it playing for you.So what is it that I must do now?Leave it to Break on its own?Or continue falling until I've found a solution to fix the Problem?Just Treasure what you have and don't mess with it.Try to move Forward with life.If not,Time will find a way to fix your problems.

A conversation is bigger than a speech...

Think of the big words in a dictionary.Think of the words a kid in Pre-K would learn.Think of a speech.Then think of a short conversation...Which ones would change a life?A perspective?A feeling?A thought?Most people would say a speech,but what I think is a conversation.Why say too many words when all you do is tire out your voice?A conversation can express more of your feelings and let people know who the true you is...Unless you're lying,then everything changes.Plus,a conversation is much shorter than a whole speech.It makes things go by much faster.What do you do when you're "bored"?Most people talk.See?A conversation DOES make things go by much faster.Enjoy life.Spend your time doing something.Every single second you are actually doing something.Really.Put your hand on your upper-left part of your chest.Do you feel something?A pounding?That's your heart.It means you're still alive and breathing.Facing every single problem in life,easy or hard,and making it thorough.That's what you are doing.Breathing.Now there isn't such a word such as "bored" anymore since you have read this. :) ~T