Tuesday, December 22

Quiz time!"About Tina.Rated:Difficult"

The quiz I just made about myself.Try it!Remember,I <3 honest people!I don't care if you got a bad score in the end,at least you're honest :) WARNING:It's hard!I know!That's why I put it in the title.Lol

Monday, December 21

Visit to the eye docter

When I began my exam,I saw a chart filled with small pictures.In my head,I thought,"Ooh!A boat!A wave!A little puppy dog!". This was my first time in the room so I practically felt like a child.When I looked into something dark...I saw a tiny little light...sooo pretty!I gazed at it in amazement while the doctor checked my eye.The light was in Christmas colors too!Was this some sort of holiday tradition or something???Coool....Then all of a sudden,I felt this short wind blow into my eye.It felt really fun.I blinked rapidly because it was weird...Like a gust of wind on the beach blowing you right into the sea!!!The docter soon said that she was done so I went back out.A few minutes later,they called me back in to show me all these different lenses and stuff.The THING was a giant enormous THING with more than 20 different lenses to see which ones I can see better with.Then there goes the "light".It was blinding me!!Really hurt.Ouch.What's with the lights in the eye clinics??Doesn't make any sense at all.Of course they have to have glasses and lens,but LIGHT??What?!The light is just making you more blind that's all!Eye clinics are supposed to FIX your eyes,NOT make them worse with LIGHT!The cool thing about the whole trip was that I got a pair of sunglasses that reminded me of Lady Gaga for some reason.Lol!Now my eye still hurts like...IDK.A lot!The docter put something in my eye that was a lot like eye drops,but more intense.My eyes feel all puffy and red.Grr....Before I even got to that place,I could look at the Sun a little and not even squint.Now whenever I go outside with the Sun,it's like dying.PAINFUL!!!That's probably why the docter gave me sunglasses.Smart!Oh and wanna hear about what pair of glasses I chose?A pair of Juicy Couture for $200.Dang I'm spoiled.Hehehe.It's a light brown on the outside and pink on the inside.I hate pink,but those were the only cute ones that actually fit me.Don't forget that I have huge eyes.Lol.Huge big brown eyes the color of chocolate...Mmm...xD

Tuesday, December 15

Lemon cookie rant

I hate myself for eating too many lemon cookies.But while I was eating them,I asked myself a big question.Why DO people call them Lemon Cookies??They're not even sour!The cookies are super sweet!Lemon+Cookies=Sweet lemon cookies!Not sour!It doesn't even make any sense!Cookies make you really confused ya know that?!If you start loving a cookie too much,it really hurts your brain to think about it.All those questions!Darn you sweet,not-supposed-to-be-sour,lemon cookie -.- GET OUGHTA MY LIFE ALREADY!GOSH!

Saturday, December 5

First Day of Snow

At around 6:30am,my school saw the first actual drops of snow in Katy.Everyone ran quickly to the windows and stared at the windows in complete amazment.How could it snow in Katy when it was always hot?It always either shined,rained,or cloudy.Never has it snowed before.Yesterday was my first day of seeing snow.Everyone was really excited when we went to class.The teachers were excited too,but they had to calm us down.After a few periods,my coach announced that everyone was leaving early today.The good thing about that was that the earlier I got out,the more time I could spend in the snow!The bad thing was that Coffeehouse was postponed.I have practiced my butt off the night before,studying my lines!That's so not fair!Later towards the end of lunch,Mr.Farr said that everyone could go outside and look at the snow while making way towards the Front Office.Everyone screamed and charged outside.I just held back and stayed patient.The more patient you were,the longer you got to see the snow.Once I got outside,I danced around in the snow with my friends.And now I'll be breaking something.I promised myself that I would not talk about my ex-crush anymore,but who cares!He's still a friend!You gotta care for your friends!Haha.I just felt a little sad for him because he looked lonely.He just walked slowly and once in a while,he was stop and talk with someone.Other than that,he looked lonely.I really wanted to walk over and talk with him and all(BECAUSE WE ARE FRIENDS!THAT'S WHAT WE DO),but we had to go in.Oh well. :( When I got home,I got my camera and toke picture of me in the snow.I was also amazed ya know!I built a mini-snowman and put int near the bushes.I don't know why.Don't ask me.I repeat.I.Do.Not.Know.Why.I.Did.That.Emma called me and asked me if I wanted to come over and hang out in the snow with her.First,we built our own snowman that was taller than my little sister.I put in a carrot for the nose,while she put in pebbles for the eyes and mouth.I also wrapped the neck in a scarf.Put the snowman in a funny hat too!Emma and I namecd it Billy-Joe.Hahaha!We walked back inside with our numb fingers and toes.Toke about 30 minutes to defrost.Sat by the fire,drinking hot cocoa with the fireplace heated on.Mmm...TOASY!When we finished out hot cocoa,we baked sugar cookies with extra icing and sprinkles.That was really fun.Both of us were dancing and singing along to music while we were baking!Lol.When we finished baking,we went back outside in the freeze and had a snowball fight with my horrible aiming talent.:P My shortness really came in handy though!Emma kept hitting over my head.Hahahaha!!!

Thursday, December 3

The 24 Interludes of Life

ATTENION!I DID NOT DO THIS!ALL RIGHTS GO TO THANK YOU!(I will put a star next to my fav ones just for fun.hehe)

1.Don't go for looks,they can deceive.Don't go for wealth even that fades away.Go for someone who makes you smile.
2.There are moments in life when you really miss someone that you want to pick them up from your dreams and hug them.Hope you dream of that someone.
*3.Dream what you want to dream.Go where you want to go.Be what you want to be,because you only have one life and one change to do all the things you want in life.
4.May you have:Enough happiness to make you sweet.Enough trials to make you strong.Enough sorrow to keep you human.Enough hope to make you happy.And enough money to keepy you comfortable.
5.When one door of happiness closes,another opens.But we often took so long at the closed door,that we don't see the one which has been open for us.
6.The best kind of a friend is the one you can sit on a porch and swing without never saying a word and then walking away feeling like that was the best conversation you've ever had.
*7.It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it,but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.
8.Always put yourself in other's shoes.If you feel that it hurts you,it probably does hurt the person too.
9.A careless word may kindle a strife.A cruel word may wreck a life.A timely word may level stress.A lovely word may heal and bless.
10.The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves and not to twist them with our own image,otherwise we only love the reflection of ourselves in them.
*11.The happiest people don't nessarily have the best of everything,they just make the most of everything that comes along the way.
12.Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person,we should know how to be grateful for that gift.
13.It takes a minute to have a crush on someone,an hour to like someone,and a day to love someone,but a lifetime to forget someone.
*14.Happiness lies for those who cry,those who hurt,those who have searched and those who have tried.For only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.
15.Love is when you take away the feeling,the passion,the romance,and find out you still care for that person.
16.A sad thing about life is that when you meet someone who means a lot to you only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and you just have to let it go.
17.Love starts with a smile,develops with a kiss,and ends with a tear.
18.Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed,to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed.Need to love those who still love,even though they've been hurt before.
*19.It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return,but what is most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.
20.The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past.You can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.
21.Never say goodble when you still want to try.Never give up and say you still feel you can take it.Never say you don't love that person anymore when you can't let it go.
22.Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back.Don't expect love in return,just wait for it to grow in their hearts,but if it doesn't,be content it grew in yours.
*23.There are things you love to hear,but you would never hear it from the person whom you would like to hear it from,but don't be deaf to hear it from the person who says it with their hearts.
24.When you were born,you were crying and everyone around you was smiling.Live your life to the fullest so that when you die,you're smiling and everyone around you is crying.

Monday, November 23

New Moon!!!

Well I watched New Moon!And it.was.AWESOME!When I saw Jacob's first appearance,I screamed just cuz he was just so darn cute!haha!So the movie was really good.I know I just mentioned that so.yeah.I weeped so much when Edward broke up with Bella.It seemed as if I had more "emotions" for watching the movie after reading the book.I couldn't stop crying.Darn you Edward!Why did you have to break up with Bella?!I almost fainted when I saw Jacob cut his hair(take off his wig)and take off his shirt.ohahaha!!!It was like a dream come true!Jacob.Shirtless.On a HUGE screen!Ohh yeahh!!!LOL.The Volturi part was really intense.To tell you the truth,I hadn't really expected that.I thought the cutest people in the movie were Alec and Jacob.Which I think is really ironic.My old crush's names were Alex and Jacob.Omigee!!!I screamed at the top of my lungs when the movie ended.I sooo did not want it to end.Even though it was a long movie,I wanted it to continue!Heck,just go on to Eclipse!I can't wait all the way until June.30,2010!I'd rate the movie an 8 if I were asked to rate the movie 1-10. :)

Tuesday, October 27

Easy life?No way.

It's so hard having a family wanting you to be a perfect straight A student all the time.You know what?Nobody is perfect.I have failed quizzes.I have made C's on a test(and they were high!).But I will never be a perfect child.I believe that it's good enough to see that I am actually trying the best that I can.I am never slacking off.Do you see me doing that during class?No.I have never seen a C on my Progress Report or my Report Card.A lot of people say that I am really smart because I get A's and B's.I know that.But do my parents?Another mistake the I made was to get a 88 on my math test.I think that score is just great, my parents still yell at me for getting the questions wrong.I know that they love me so much that they question everything I do,but do they really have to be that hard on me?I can't help it if I'm an emotional person.Girls are just like that.We will always be that way.I just want my life to be easier.The truth is,no matter how hard I wish for will never be that way

Monday, October 26

Complete Happiness <3

What's it like to be me?Oh I'll tell you alright.It feels weird.Crazy.Fun...ish.etc.Well today felt like the greatest day of my life(minus the continuing of rain)I was waiting in the cafeteria for the locker bell when Giao pointed behind me.If you know me really well,I somehow get really confused during the morning.I kept turning the wrong way for 2 minutes until I finally got it.Saw my crush behind me.It was like BAM!I was still like...I dunno how to explain it.Sorta on the random,happy,shocked-ish side.Said hi to him and then turned back around.
I just finished packing up at the end of the day and then...guess what??...Saw him again!Oh gee!xD Had Catherine(a friend) hanging around behind me so I was just hauling her around.(no offense to her i guess)Said hi to him.Again.He actually smiled this time which made me really really happy because we barely see each other anymore.Had a bit of a silent moment after that(which I really hated cuz it was awkward).He decided to RaNdOmLy ask me what history class I just got out of.(like really did he know that when he had science that period?!Not that I know cuz I heard it from a friend who's in his class.Is he stalking me??>.> lol jk!i know he would never do that!)I said Mrs.Kerlick and he was like ok.I asked back who did he have?(not to stalk him.lmao)He replied Mr.Smith.I laughed and wished him good luck because Mr.Smith was sorta weird and mean at times.He laughed along me with and agreed(notice how im going into DETAIL cuz this made me really happy!hehehe)So he went along and talked about how weird his teacher is until I suddenly remembered Catherine behind me!AGAIN!SO SORRY!!!That's what happens when crushes talk to you.You forget about you past for a sec :P I introduced them both cuz i'm THAT friendly!tee hee!He nodded and said hi.BUUUUT!It was time for him to go to car.meh.oh well.All 3 of us said bye and then...uh...i think happiness just stays in me!!hehehe

Friday, October 23

What is love?

To find love.To be not sure.To be confused.What shall I do now?He does not love me.I'd still like to be friends,but it feels strange not seeing each other around anymore.Love makes you feel lonely.You never know what to do next.Love is not love.It's a confusion,loneliness,and frustration combined.

Sunday, October 11

Natural Science Museum!

Well since my family toke up a lot of time today we ended up going to the museum late.aww shucks!We only had time to go to the Butterfly exhibit.I saw tons of butterflies there!So pretty!If I only had my camera with me then I could show you guys :( So anyways,I saw a type of ant that was really weird...I can't even describe how weird it was.I also saw this type of roach in South America or something that was as big as my palm!Holy crow it was HUUUGGEEE!!!I screamed and ran away after that.Didn't want to go near it again.AND!I saw a centipede and a looong worm.Totally gross.This time I didn't scream,I just hid behind my dad.haha.OOOH!I forgot to add that I saw a walking stick!IT LOOKED FUNNY!hahaha!!!The "bug" reminded me of the time when I mistaken it for a stick.I screamed the heck out of myself when I saw the stick moving in my hands.Now moving on to the happy things.Butterflies.Totally cool when they are a foot from your face.One even landed on my head!Aww!! :D I walked around with it and then it fluttered away!Bye bye butterfly!

Wednesday, October 7

Xtra random stuff!

Well yesterday we had seating arrangments for lunch.totally not fair.but luckily,today we got to sit in our normal seats!Woo!Yay!!haha :P Rehearsals are going great.The choreography is totally hilarious cuz in 1 song(that i'm not in)Horton(Played by Trevor B) and the Wickershams(played by Sage B,Kayla A,and ____) go slow-mo!!!TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!!Plus,Vlad Vladicoff(played my Sarah V.O.)LEAPS off the stage with an evil laugh!mwahahahahaaa!Oh and the cookie thing is going on.Seeing each other in the hallways from time to time.Just in case you were wondering ;) BTW:Being Student Council's Historian is AWESOME!You get to take pretty pictures,which I started today!!! :D Love ya! <3

Friday, October 2


haha it's been so long since I've blogged.So much has changed.Well I am no longer RPing for @irish_maggie.i've changed it to @Irish_Siobhan_!Seussical rehearsals are really fun,yet you have to work really hard.I smushed my toenail today and it doesn't feel good at all.I'm still missing cookie more than ever now,but we still see each other in the hallway :) My friend and I made a little song about being happy:

Don't Worry.Be happy.Be Tina.Cuz every little thing,is gonna be alright!lolz

Well I promise to blog more later.It's just that I've been too busy these days.

Hyper person out!PEACE <3>

Saturday, September 19

Back to School Dance!

OMIGOSH the dance was totally freakin' awesome last night!I was wearing a casual blue dress with black leggings.As I walked into the cafeteria,the DJ was playing "I gotta feeling"-Black Eyed Peas.I started dancing a little while talking to my friends.After about 5 more min.,more people started coming.I grabbed a Sprite and started dancing the macerena while holding my cup.Pretty talented!After that,Courtney and I started a congo line during a salsa song!TOTALLY COOOL!!!It ended up having more than 25 people in it.In a few min,the DJ was playing the cool songs:Crank That SouljaBoy,Good girls go bad,Down,Party in the USA,Billie Jean,Thriller,The hoedown throwdown,Poker Face,Right Round,Low,the Cha Cha Slide,and MORE!The most awesomest dance was the CHICKEN DANCE!!!WOOO!!!I went bawk-bawk with the chicken dance!OHH YEAH!!The dance was totally great with me around :P In the end,I was filled with sugar:a cup of Sprite,a cup of Coke,and a chocolate-iced brownie!I never stopped dancing!I kept laughing,dancing,singing along,yelling,and jumping! :D YOU SHOULD HAVE COME!!!

Tuesday, September 15

What chocolate does to you...

CHOCOLATE:how it effects you & how it tastes...haha

Opposite of boring!
Opposite of sour!
Eat it!

Saturday, September 12

Seussical Musical Jr.

I got the part!I made the part of the citizens of whoville,which is the chorus.There are 2 choruses in the musical.The jungle animals and the whoville citizens.We'll perform on Nov.5+6 at 7pm so you better be there!Seussical is a musical that combines all of the Dr.Seuss stories together!From Horton Hears a Who to The Cat in The Hat!WATCH IT!!!I'll be the tiny person in it!haha!

Thursday, September 10

My newest goals

-Get good grades

-Save more money
-be less crazy
-stop laughing too much(just a little bit)
-try not to be heartbroken ever again
-stop thinking about cookie...maybe...i'm not too sure about this one yet...


~I look at a flower and think of the sadness you left me in.He loves me,he loves me not,he loves me...he loves me not.I will never give up on you because I can't go a day without thinking about you.I wanted to take the risk and tell you that I love you,but I guess your answer just leaves me hanging there like a broken branch on a tree.You told me you didn't love me.Now the word has spoken...~

Wednesday, September 9

New Pics of me(Taken 9/8)

(top:me striking a random pose.bottom left:heart.bottom right:me feeling thoughtly adorable)

Sunday, September 6

Bad/Exciting Lake Day

Today,my family and I went to the lake to go Jet Skiing & Speed Boating.As we were eating,an ant bit me and it rwelly,rwelly,hwurt bwuddy!hehe.After that,my parents and my sister went on the jet ski while I got on the floatly,circling thingy.It's like a tube and I forgot what it was called.haha!!Well my dad rode the jet ski around the lake and I felt like I was floating!!I was bouncing up and down on the water really fast!The water looked really cool cuz it was going WOOSH!!!hehe.I got really uncomfortable and yelled really loudly so my dad would stop.I got on behind my mom and we continued riding the jet ski to the shore.My dad dropped my mom,sister and me off while he rode back to pick up the others.My sister and I were floating around until I saw this huge dark cloud above me...DUH DUH DUH DUNN!I heard thunder 20 minutes later and asked my mom if we should go back.She agreed and we got on the speed boat with a friend.It was kinda funny because when we came to this lake last year,we were on the exact same yellow speed boat!Halfway back to the other side of the lake,it started sprinkling.We rode faster so we could make it back to shore on time,without getting soaked.All of a sudden,it started pouring soo hard on us!I was shivering because we were going so fast in a huge rainstorm with a lot of winds....AHHH!!!The funniest part during the storm was that when I looked forward,everyone in the front was bouncing up and down in their seats because of the speed!LMAO!!!We finally came to shore and we jumped off,running toward the restrooms,the only warm place in that lake.When I walked inside the restrooms...It felt really good.It was so warm in there that I felt like I was melting...Ahh....The grownups packed up quickly and we all went home....

WIERD:When we went to the lake last year,it was on the same day of the week,same time and same month.We got caught in part of a hurricane last year and now this year,we got caught in a huge rainstorm...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE??SO IRONIC! :O

Thursday, September 3

My history project!

I wanted to show you what I did with my history project that I did today.It's supposed to be like a movie poster,except in a history version I guess.And notice how I made Taylor Lautner get the lead role of Christopher Columbus! :P

Wednesday, September 2

More pictures of me

Just felt like sharing these photos with you...

Tuesday, September 1


I just noticed that I've been thinking a lot this week.Not just about school,about friends,boys,teachers,life,parents and stuff....I'm gonna take it easy on the blogging stuff for a couple days cuz I'll be busy.Sorry.Love ya!xo ~T

Picture:me being coolio.haha :P

Sunday, August 30

New SpringWidget

Saturday, August 29


Oh and more about cookie:On Friday,my friend Samantha and I were fighting over a cookie(the food).And the ironic part about that was that the person cookie,was sitting at the table across from us!I sat back down,giving up on the cookie(food)and started to fidget around.I started laughing so hard when Samantha shoved most of the cookie in her mouth so I wouldn't get it.haha!!And then after that,I suddenly saw my crush pointing at me from the other table.At first,I thought he was pointing to someone behind me.But nooo!He was really pointing to me!!OMG!!!Then one of his friends said that my crush wanted to talk to me.I was frozen in shock because he barely talks to me these days!!!I shoke my head no because I knew I couldn't think of something not-stupid to say if I came over there.I planned to just meet cookie in the hallway and talk to him.So I did.I asked him what he wanted to tell me earlier and then he just said nothing...wierd...didn't I just see clearly earlier that he wanted to talk to me??Plus I seriously thought I saw him blushing earlier!So he jsut said no.I was confused so I just walked away....still confused and I still am....:) Love,T

Thursday, August 27

Dear someone...

Dear someone...

I love you.A lot.I can't resist your beautiful smile.I love the way you say my name.I just love you.I can never stop thinking about you.Your voice,smile,everything.It makes me feel like I'm in a beautiful dream...


Tuesday, August 25

2nd day of school

Today was just an ordinary day.We reviewed each other's name,and then went to work...aww!When I went to gym,my friend actually compared me to one of the 6th graders.Not fair.She was saying that we have the same dark brown hairstyle.Almost the same height,me being the tallest by 3 inches.WHAT?I don't even see the resemblance!Oh and in math,my teacher calls me Tiny.haha!But I'm used to it because my friends sometimes calls me Tiny Tina.So it's ok :D The most hilarious part in lunch was when my crush was walking past me,I started laughing so hard by the way he walked.My friend saw what I was looking at and started laughing with me.Turns out,"cookie"has some sort of "strut"in the cafeteria!!Lmao!Good thing he didn't notice.And the grossest thing I heard in science was when my teacher said that we would dissect a frog and then maybe measure its intestines....GROSS!Again,my happiest moments came again.On the way back to my locker from science.I saw my crush again.He walked past me and saw me.hehe.He whispered,"Tina."And when I turned my head around,he smiled.AWWW!!!!And I thought he was gonna ask a question or something!!*giggles*AWWWW!!!He actually smiled when I looked at him!And I noticed that his brown eyes are ADORABLE!!!!!tee hee.That just made my day today :) And guess what?I heard that he might be trying out for football or something.COOL! :)

First Day Back To School

*I am so very sorry I haven't been blogging lately,due to the starting of 7th grade.I will try to get on more often though.Since I couldn't go on yesterday,which was my first day of school,I'll do it today.*

I walked into the cafeteria to sit with all the 7th graders before the first bell rings.I saw my friends and came over to them to talk about our summer and outfits.:P All of a sudden,Emma was like"There's cookie!"I looked around for him,only seeing a whole group of boys sitting together.But really,he was just standing on the side of a table,looking around for his friends.The bell finally rang and we walked to our lockers on the other side of the school.Ok so first&second(combine) period was fun.Kinda funny in a way when my reading/language teacher spilled a little Germ-X on me.Everyone started laughing at me when everyone was quiet...don't know why.Was I doing something funny?3rd period was gym and all we did was go over the rules,do roll call,and play volleyball.BORING.And guess what?The school finally decided to combine 6th,7th,and 8th grade girls in 3rd period gym.So crowded and so annoying.4th period was math and it was ok.Went over the normal stuff.5th was theatre.So fun.Talked to my theatre teacher a bit.Played a lot of acting games,like last year.Hilarious!After theatre,was lunch.FINALLY.Ate mini corn-dogs,a blue slushie,and a cookie.7th period science was totally wierd.Our teacher started talking about her saving money to go to Hawaii.No offense teacher,but who cares?Later was advisory.My teacher was so honest that she really said that she hates advisory.She was so bored and kept walking around the class.Until there was an overhead announcement saying there was a 7th grade assembly.The most happiest part of the day was on the way to the assembly.My crush was walking beside me when I got out into the hallway.I looked over at him,reconizing someone,but was too bored to say hi.He saw me and said,"Hey!Aren't you gonna say hi to me?"I giggled and didn't reply back.He was confused and finally said,"Fine.Don't talk to me."I thought he was angry or something so I answered back saying that I do want to talk to him.He smiled and we had a no topic conversation on the way to the cafeteria. :) 9th period came.History.I'm ok at that.Went in and saw that my history teacher was just like me.Crazy.Fun.Happy personality.Awesome!We'll get along.

Friday, August 21

locker day

Ok so today was locker day for my school.It was from 1-5 and I came there around 1:30 and stayed there till 3:30 i guess.When I came there,I went into the 7th grade hallway and found it not really crowded.Guess I came a bit early!Oh well.I started finding my locker number which was #1454 I believe :P I finally found it and started doing my combination.Got it on the 2nd try!New high score!haha!When I got it open,I began putting my locker shelf on and all of my binders in.After that,I started decorating it when my Taylor Swift poster and all of my magnets.It seemed a little messy in there cuz I was just putting all of the teacher's stuff in there.Like the hand sanitizer,tissue box,construction paper and so on.When I was done,I started wandering around,getting used to the other side of my school.Then I ran into my guy friends Trevor and Jake.We said hi,and I gave Jake a hi-5 just for fun :).As always,Trevor was jealous,so I gave him a hug. :P And then after that,I saw my other friends,we talked for awhile and joked around.It was kinda funny when my theatre teacher,Mr.Holt,saw me and was happy to see me!Wierd...he usually is scared of me because I am too crazy,wierd,and hyper! :D But then today,he was very happy to see me!I met Giaochau near the library and I helped her set up her locker.AND THEN!lol.I saw Fallon and Emma and helped them with their lockers!hehe.I started poking my friends with this plastic stick I found in the hallway...evil Tina....:D Ok and here's the greatest moment of them all....I saw my crush!!I was walking with Fallon to talk to her mom and stuff until he saw me!I didn't even reconize him at first because he was wearing an orange cap!hehe.notice how I remember what color it was.I was laughing with Fallon until I saw him wave to me.I finally knew who he was and I waved back smiling like crazy.tee hee.I didn't have time to actually talk to him though,but I did get to talk to his mom!haha!That part was funny.She was like,"You're Tina right?I'm ____ mom".And then I said "Yeah.That's me.Nice to meet you!"Then she was going on about how he talks about me at home...*giggles*How he told her about all of my nicknames and that stuff.I was kinda suprised hearing that he really TALKED about*giggles*And then we said bye and left,me still feeling in a daze.Fallon and I went back to her locker to organize and I was talking about a cookie chase when my crush,secretly nicknamed Cookie,just walked past me not noticing that I was talking about him!Phew!Such a relief.I said bye to Fallon and started looking around again finding my classes until he went past me again!What??And he didn't notice me because I was doing something on my iTouch while still paying attention to my surroundings...hahahaha!!

Thursday, August 20


My b-day has been the best so far.In the morning,I spent my b-day on twitter.Then I went to school to buy my school supplies while I saw my two friends Emma and Fallon.It was so funny cuz when I saw Fallon we waved at slow motion at first then 10 seconds later,we screamed and ran over to hug each other!haha!When I saw Emma,we starting going over our inside jokes and laughing really hard that the others looked at us,thinking that we were really wierd of something :P And then my friends are about to come over in an half of an hour and hang around!!Wooo!!And then I have presents!A New Moon T-shirt,an iTunes giftcard and more!But I haven't opened the rest yet :D

Wednesday, August 19

The Other Side Of Me

I just noticed that when I'm mad or sad,I act way differently than my normal happy self.I know this is common sense,but it's really true.When I'm mad,I pout and talk way less.I don't express much energy as usual.When I'm sad,I just frown and sit by myself.If I'm my normal happy self,I smile and giggles all the time.I put smileys in everything.Or when we're chatting or something,I tend to put extra question marks or exclamation marks.So if I do any of those things,it means that I'm not happy.Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

School Day

I can't really believe that school is starting next week!A new year.All full of trouble,love,frustration,fun,etc.But I can't wait to see my crush again! ;) Besides my crush,I can't just wait to see all of my friends again!!I mean I have so many but,who cares!I get to see them!!Plus,I might try out for the tennis team no matter how I suck at it!haha :P I'll just try out for fun.If I do make it...I'll be sorta shocked I guess!The thing I dread the most is the homework...ah homework....I HATE YOU!

Tuesday, August 18

Music and Videos

Have you guys ever heard of a website to post all of your favorite songs?Well it's called you have a twitter,like I do,you could post all of your blips to your profile on twitter!Like my account is Irish_Maggie,just like my twitter account.I posted ALL of my favorite songs on there so check it out to listen to it!

Oh and I just watched the most beautiful and creative video ever made by Taylor Swift herself.If you go on Youtube and type in "The Best Day-Taylor Swift",look for the one that actually says Taylor Swift official or something.She made her own music video using her home videos when she was little!So creative that it made me cry!Plus she looked adorable when she was 5!
Taylor really is talented! <3

My favorite lifetime quotes

~Dance as though no one is watching you.Love as though you have never been hurt before.Sing as though no one can hear you.Live as though heaven is on Earth.

~Love is like the wind.You can't see it,but you can feel it.
~If you love someone,put their name in a circle,not a heart,because hearts can be broken.Circles go on forever.
~Be strong now because things will get better.It might be stormy now,but it can't rain forever.
~Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.
~Never run away from your problems because once you have to face them again.It'll be twice as hard to overcome.
~Everyday is a gift,that's why they call it the present.
~Throw away everything that makes you sad.It really holds back the happiness in you.

Monday, August 17

Marshmallows vs. Cookies

Hmm....marshmallows....are good....cookies are awfully sweet...haha.inside joke.felt like bloggin about that :D

Contact Me

FOR PEOPLE I KNOW ONLY(Twitter or real life)

Whoever e-mails me must indicate their name or twitter username so I know who they are.If not,I shall not reply.

twitter: @Irish_Maggie

Sunday, August 16

Galveston beach trip

Ok.I woke up at 6,which is really late for me.Arrived at the beach at 9 or 10-ish.Lots of waves I tell you.I was floating and then suddenly this huge wave crashes over me,making me drink the seawater.Disgusting.Totally horrible.Anyone that likes to drink seawater is absolutly crazy,no offense guys,but I couldn't stand it.I stood back up and walked deeper,the waves still crashing into me.Then the water went into my eyes...boy it stung.I was rubbing them and rubbing them.The next thing I know,my eyes are red like tomatos!haha :P I stood back up AGAIN,and just started walking in circles,no reason why.The worst thing about seawater:when it gets in your nose.Oh I was doing everything I could to make it stop.It really really hurt and stung.I got tired of the water and floated back to shore.Drinking Black Cherry Propel really made my throat feel so much better.And after that,I started sneezing all of the salty water out of my nose.Then it suddenly made my nose feel ichy!lol.10 minutes later,we ate steak,chips,and a whole lotta food.I was so full,I didn't even get to finish the cake!And I really like cake!No fair!!Went back to the ocean afterwards.My dad went under to swim and I accidently kicked him by mistake.Woopsies!He went back up to catch a breath and then went back down...Until I accidently kicked him on the head.I didn't do it on purpose!Don't blame me!I'm innocent!We hung around getting tanned until 5:30.And then we went home.Haha!Oh and I forgot to tell you guys this:On the way,we saw this tiny red car getting flipped over and landing on the side of the freeway!We were all really shocked.Poor "whoever-was-in-that-car"!The police and the rest of the "gang":P rushed over and treated the person or people.

Pic:me with my sunburned face(which my mom rubbed Aloe Vera on to treat it),my red eyes(due to the salty water),and my normal cherry red lips. :D I'm red all over!

Saturday, August 15


I forgot to blog about this yesterday but...oh well.One day past is not such a big deal.Ok so yesterday,my dear friend @_Irish_Siobhan_ ,sent me the 2nd new moon trailer.Once I watched it like about 8 times,I started to scream and spazz and get all excited like the twi-hard i am.I was practically bouncing in my seat.but..OMG Jake/Taylor was definitly looking HAWT.He looked even more hot after all the extra workout.:P.So yeah,all I gotta say 'bout Edward is that he looked so cool in that red cape!haha.The volturi part got me really excited cause it looked very interesting.Jane/Dakota looked pure evil.Really really evil.Mwhahahaha!!The only thing that got me sorta confused was when Jacob jumped into Bella's window...I don't remember that part in the book...Wierd...But it looked like they were about to kiss!WTH!They kiss in Eclipse,not in New Moon!And plus Bella tries to slap him in Eclipse,but then breaks her hand.hehe.I don't want them to take that part away!!

Friday, August 14


I actually haven't gave much thought on what I would blog today!Haha.So this post shall be random in 3....2....1!

HI!I like chocolate!Do yooouuuu like chocolate???I know you do,but I'm not sure...So do you????
HI!ANSWER my other question already!!Do you like chocolate or not??!!Random random random....I want mocha!Someone fetch my mocha now!!haha :P Ooh! O_o I like chicken.Chickens go bawk bawk i think...unless they're dead.If they're dead...I guess they go silent!:DWait...I'm sorry I killed you my chicken buddy!! :-(

Thursday, August 13

My summer:part 2(Sun.July 9)

Little Rock,AR:When we woke up the next day,which was very early for me(6am),we had to get ready for our canoe trip.The trip to the Buffalo River was about 2 hours away so we stopped by McDonalds and got breakfast.For me,I got a Sausage Muffin w/Eggs and O.J(just wanted to tell you that).Since I woke up at 6am,I decided to take a little nap on the way.haha.I just suddenly fell asleep.No kidding.:PAn hour and a half later,I started seeing mountains and rivers and well...a lot of water!We grabbed 3 canoes,because there were 3 grown-ups and 6 kids!!:DIt was a good thing that we fit in all of them perfectly!Everything else was really exciting besides the fact that everyone 14 and under had to wear the stupid matter if you can swim or now.Even though the deepest is like about 9 feet!That's not so bad compared to the ocean!!Plus,the deeper the water,the more huge rocks.And the more rocks,the more the canoe gets stuck in them.We(all 3 canoes)were on a long race to reach the finish line.All of us paddled 6 miles in 4 hours.My team ended up in 1st place then 2nd then to 3rd because we kept paddling into the rocks...:D.Then later,one of the other canoes got stuck in a dead end...HAHA!!So my team got ahead of them and won 2nd place.And of course,if you were wondering,we had stopped and ate lunch.(For those of you who were scared that I was starving to death ;D)Oh and I forgot to add that we caught 3 fish and saw tons of turtles!!My dad,about 40 something,went cliff diving in the middle of our was hilarious!He was belly flopping everywhere!(I know it sounds sorta gross,but it's actually funny)

Pic:(Left to right)My Megan's 2 guy friends,my short mom :P,me,my cousin's daughter(Megan),my sis(Tracy),my cousin's husband(Larry),Larry's son(Matthew)

Wednesday, August 12

My summer:part 1(Sat,July 4)

Little Rock,Arkansas:It was fun...obvisously.We went on a 7-8hr drive from my house to my rich cousin's house in AR.But let me tell you more about my cousin.Well she's already married to a docter,so that explains why she's rich :P We arrived at her huge house, which was surrounded by tons of trees,at 12:30am.But we stayed out late until like 2:00 in the morning.When we woke back up,we had a delicious breakfast cooked by my cousin.She made bacon,sausage,pancakes,hash brown,and eggs.With all sorts of fruit on the side.I couldn't even finish it all!It was soo good though.After that,everyone went outside to the pool to swim and eat.We ate burgers,hot dogs,french fries,and more fruit....which made us full.Really full.Later on,all the grown-ups went to this ooh la la fancy resturant,which the kids couldn't go to.Therefore made me,the oldest child there,stay and babysit the 4 younger kids.Oh such fun!Hours later at like 11pm,the parents finally came home.All of the kids were dozing off and getting ready for bed.Then all of a sudden,my dad just bursts into the room shouting,"You childen ready to do some fireworks?!"My little sister groaned and complained that it was too late.The rest of my family charged out the house and got all the fireworks ready.We did all the fireworks,which ashed the whole driveway.Finally when we done all the fireworks,we went to sleep...

Picture-me on the little cousin on the left.My hair looks a little messed up...I know

Birthday wishes

Some of you have dared to ask me what I want for my birthday...which is a lot of stuff.Some of you have complained and complained on why I am so obsessed with Twilight!Some of you have wondered if I would like the present that you got for me...Well I'm gonna give you a hint.If it's on my list,I love it.If it's close to my list,I like it.If not...I'll probaly use it once or twice and never use it again.Sorry but,that's life!So here's my list:

1.iTunes giftcard
2.Anything Twilight(obsessed remember??)
3.a cellphone
4.a wallet or a purse with pockets in it,friends,family,kindness,and peace to our world!!!No more violence!!!

The last one should be easy for you.So if you can't do'm shocked!And the #10 should be close to the things you got me.See?I made it easy for you!I can be nice eh? :P

Tuesday, August 11

Teen Choice Awards

While I was watching the TCA last night,I made tons of comments.I mean TONS!So here are a few so you know how crazy I am ;) And these are the EXACT comments I wrote down:

-Loved the song "Party in the USA" by Miley!
-Selena's lavender dress=beautiful
-Rob!I saw Rob!! :D
-Oh no...Who will it be??Rob or the JoBros??They are all HOT!
-Rob robbed my <3!he>

Laptop Troubles

Sometimes,I really hate my laptop.Everytime I'm on the internet,it just closes up the site I'm on!I do it again and again and it just makes me so frustrated!Like just as soon as I start something,it exits the box!Grr I just wish I could just throw this out of the window!...Well I can but,I don't feel like it.