Tuesday, October 27

Easy life?No way.

It's so hard having a family wanting you to be a perfect straight A student all the time.You know what?Nobody is perfect.I have failed quizzes.I have made C's on a test(and they were high!).But I will never be a perfect child.I believe that it's good enough to see that I am actually trying the best that I can.I am never slacking off.Do you see me doing that during class?No.I have never seen a C on my Progress Report or my Report Card.A lot of people say that I am really smart because I get A's and B's.I know that.But do my parents?Another mistake the I made was to get a 88 on my math test.I think that score is just great, my parents still yell at me for getting the questions wrong.I know that they love me so much that they question everything I do,but do they really have to be that hard on me?I can't help it if I'm an emotional person.Girls are just like that.We will always be that way.I just want my life to be easier.The truth is,no matter how hard I wish for will never be that way

Monday, October 26

Complete Happiness <3

What's it like to be me?Oh I'll tell you alright.It feels weird.Crazy.Fun...ish.etc.Well today felt like the greatest day of my life(minus the continuing of rain)I was waiting in the cafeteria for the locker bell when Giao pointed behind me.If you know me really well,I somehow get really confused during the morning.I kept turning the wrong way for 2 minutes until I finally got it.Saw my crush behind me.It was like BAM!I was still like...I dunno how to explain it.Sorta on the random,happy,shocked-ish side.Said hi to him and then turned back around.
I just finished packing up at the end of the day and then...guess what??...Saw him again!Oh gee!xD Had Catherine(a friend) hanging around behind me so I was just hauling her around.(no offense to her i guess)Said hi to him.Again.He actually smiled this time which made me really really happy because we barely see each other anymore.Had a bit of a silent moment after that(which I really hated cuz it was awkward).He decided to RaNdOmLy ask me what history class I just got out of.(like really did he know that when he had science that period?!Not that I know cuz I heard it from a friend who's in his class.Is he stalking me??>.> lol jk!i know he would never do that!)I said Mrs.Kerlick and he was like ok.I asked back who did he have?(not to stalk him.lmao)He replied Mr.Smith.I laughed and wished him good luck because Mr.Smith was sorta weird and mean at times.He laughed along me with and agreed(notice how im going into DETAIL cuz this made me really happy!hehehe)So he went along and talked about how weird his teacher is until I suddenly remembered Catherine behind me!AGAIN!SO SORRY!!!That's what happens when crushes talk to you.You forget about you past for a sec :P I introduced them both cuz i'm THAT friendly!tee hee!He nodded and said hi.BUUUUT!It was time for him to go to car.meh.oh well.All 3 of us said bye and then...uh...i think happiness just stays in me!!hehehe

Friday, October 23

What is love?

To find love.To be not sure.To be confused.What shall I do now?He does not love me.I'd still like to be friends,but it feels strange not seeing each other around anymore.Love makes you feel lonely.You never know what to do next.Love is not love.It's a confusion,loneliness,and frustration combined.

Sunday, October 11

Natural Science Museum!

Well since my family toke up a lot of time today we ended up going to the museum late.aww shucks!We only had time to go to the Butterfly exhibit.I saw tons of butterflies there!So pretty!If I only had my camera with me then I could show you guys :( So anyways,I saw a type of ant that was really weird...I can't even describe how weird it was.I also saw this type of roach in South America or something that was as big as my palm!Holy crow it was HUUUGGEEE!!!I screamed and ran away after that.Didn't want to go near it again.AND!I saw a centipede and a looong worm.Totally gross.This time I didn't scream,I just hid behind my dad.haha.OOOH!I forgot to add that I saw a walking stick!IT LOOKED FUNNY!hahaha!!!The "bug" reminded me of the time when I mistaken it for a stick.I screamed the heck out of myself when I saw the stick moving in my hands.Now moving on to the happy things.Butterflies.Totally cool when they are a foot from your face.One even landed on my head!Aww!! :D I walked around with it and then it fluttered away!Bye bye butterfly!

Wednesday, October 7

Xtra random stuff!

Well yesterday we had seating arrangments for lunch.totally not fair.but luckily,today we got to sit in our normal seats!Woo!Yay!!haha :P Rehearsals are going great.The choreography is totally hilarious cuz in 1 song(that i'm not in)Horton(Played by Trevor B) and the Wickershams(played by Sage B,Kayla A,and ____) go slow-mo!!!TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!!Plus,Vlad Vladicoff(played my Sarah V.O.)LEAPS off the stage with an evil laugh!mwahahahahaaa!Oh and the cookie thing is going on.Seeing each other in the hallways from time to time.Just in case you were wondering ;) BTW:Being Student Council's Historian is AWESOME!You get to take pretty pictures,which I started today!!! :D Love ya! <3

Friday, October 2


haha it's been so long since I've blogged.So much has changed.Well I am no longer RPing for @irish_maggie.i've changed it to @Irish_Siobhan_!Seussical rehearsals are really fun,yet you have to work really hard.I smushed my toenail today and it doesn't feel good at all.I'm still missing cookie more than ever now,but we still see each other in the hallway :) My friend and I made a little song about being happy:

Don't Worry.Be happy.Be Tina.Cuz every little thing,is gonna be alright!lolz

Well I promise to blog more later.It's just that I've been too busy these days.

Hyper person out!PEACE <3>