Monday, November 23

New Moon!!!

Well I watched New Moon!And it.was.AWESOME!When I saw Jacob's first appearance,I screamed just cuz he was just so darn cute!haha!So the movie was really good.I know I just mentioned that so.yeah.I weeped so much when Edward broke up with Bella.It seemed as if I had more "emotions" for watching the movie after reading the book.I couldn't stop crying.Darn you Edward!Why did you have to break up with Bella?!I almost fainted when I saw Jacob cut his hair(take off his wig)and take off his shirt.ohahaha!!!It was like a dream come true!Jacob.Shirtless.On a HUGE screen!Ohh yeahh!!!LOL.The Volturi part was really intense.To tell you the truth,I hadn't really expected that.I thought the cutest people in the movie were Alec and Jacob.Which I think is really ironic.My old crush's names were Alex and Jacob.Omigee!!!I screamed at the top of my lungs when the movie ended.I sooo did not want it to end.Even though it was a long movie,I wanted it to continue!Heck,just go on to Eclipse!I can't wait all the way until June.30,2010!I'd rate the movie an 8 if I were asked to rate the movie 1-10. :)