Wednesday, March 10

Sunken heart[A Titanic POV;Part 1]

"Father?Daddy!Where are you?"I rushed around the dark ship,my voice echoing as I run,worrying for everyones' lives.It was April 10, 1912,my pocketwatch said so.Skies were still dark and depressing,just like the mood we're in now.Everyone was either lost,escaping,or finding their loved ones,as I am doing now.The water splashes with my every step,making the hem of my lavender dress soaking wet.The ship was sinking fast.All because of an iceberg!It soon got colder than snow on the ship.Temperatures dropped rapidly.The water was starting to rise even quicker.My head turns sharply to the side in search of my family.
"Daddy?Mother?Tracy!"Whimpering with fear,I check every bedroom for stirrings."Anyone here?Reply if you hear me!"Again,nothing but an echo.Lights flicker just as the water mixes with its bulbs.The hallways is completely deserted besides me hoping that my parents would rejoin with me again.I miss my sister's laugh,my father's jokes,my mother's innocent and sincere smile.Tears leave the corner of my eyes.Slipping down my cheeks like a wilting rose.It drops down to the 9 inch puddles below me.
"Plop!"Water drops from the ceiling as well.Another echo.Another hope crashed.Where are they?I will never leave without my family!With my every will,I dash back and forth from room to room,trying to find my family along with some survivers.

~T xo
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