Saturday, September 19

Back to School Dance!

OMIGOSH the dance was totally freakin' awesome last night!I was wearing a casual blue dress with black leggings.As I walked into the cafeteria,the DJ was playing "I gotta feeling"-Black Eyed Peas.I started dancing a little while talking to my friends.After about 5 more min.,more people started coming.I grabbed a Sprite and started dancing the macerena while holding my cup.Pretty talented!After that,Courtney and I started a congo line during a salsa song!TOTALLY COOOL!!!It ended up having more than 25 people in it.In a few min,the DJ was playing the cool songs:Crank That SouljaBoy,Good girls go bad,Down,Party in the USA,Billie Jean,Thriller,The hoedown throwdown,Poker Face,Right Round,Low,the Cha Cha Slide,and MORE!The most awesomest dance was the CHICKEN DANCE!!!WOOO!!!I went bawk-bawk with the chicken dance!OHH YEAH!!The dance was totally great with me around :P In the end,I was filled with sugar:a cup of Sprite,a cup of Coke,and a chocolate-iced brownie!I never stopped dancing!I kept laughing,dancing,singing along,yelling,and jumping! :D YOU SHOULD HAVE COME!!!