Sunday, September 6

Bad/Exciting Lake Day

Today,my family and I went to the lake to go Jet Skiing & Speed Boating.As we were eating,an ant bit me and it rwelly,rwelly,hwurt bwuddy!hehe.After that,my parents and my sister went on the jet ski while I got on the floatly,circling thingy.It's like a tube and I forgot what it was called.haha!!Well my dad rode the jet ski around the lake and I felt like I was floating!!I was bouncing up and down on the water really fast!The water looked really cool cuz it was going WOOSH!!!hehe.I got really uncomfortable and yelled really loudly so my dad would stop.I got on behind my mom and we continued riding the jet ski to the shore.My dad dropped my mom,sister and me off while he rode back to pick up the others.My sister and I were floating around until I saw this huge dark cloud above me...DUH DUH DUH DUNN!I heard thunder 20 minutes later and asked my mom if we should go back.She agreed and we got on the speed boat with a friend.It was kinda funny because when we came to this lake last year,we were on the exact same yellow speed boat!Halfway back to the other side of the lake,it started sprinkling.We rode faster so we could make it back to shore on time,without getting soaked.All of a sudden,it started pouring soo hard on us!I was shivering because we were going so fast in a huge rainstorm with a lot of winds....AHHH!!!The funniest part during the storm was that when I looked forward,everyone in the front was bouncing up and down in their seats because of the speed!LMAO!!!We finally came to shore and we jumped off,running toward the restrooms,the only warm place in that lake.When I walked inside the restrooms...It felt really good.It was so warm in there that I felt like I was melting...Ahh....The grownups packed up quickly and we all went home....

WIERD:When we went to the lake last year,it was on the same day of the week,same time and same month.We got caught in part of a hurricane last year and now this year,we got caught in a huge rainstorm...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE??SO IRONIC! :O