Tuesday, October 27

Easy life?No way.

It's so hard having a family wanting you to be a perfect straight A student all the time.You know what?Nobody is perfect.I have failed quizzes.I have made C's on a test(and they were high!).But I will never be a perfect child.I believe that it's good enough to see that I am actually trying the best that I can.I am never slacking off.Do you see me doing that during class?No.I have never seen a C on my Progress Report or my Report Card.A lot of people say that I am really smart because I get A's and B's.I know that.But do my parents?Another mistake the I made was to get a 88 on my math test.I think that score is just great, my parents still yell at me for getting the questions wrong.I know that they love me so much that they question everything I do,but do they really have to be that hard on me?I can't help it if I'm an emotional person.Girls are just like that.We will always be that way.I just want my life to be easier.The truth is,no matter how hard I wish for will never be that way