Sunday, October 11

Natural Science Museum!

Well since my family toke up a lot of time today we ended up going to the museum late.aww shucks!We only had time to go to the Butterfly exhibit.I saw tons of butterflies there!So pretty!If I only had my camera with me then I could show you guys :( So anyways,I saw a type of ant that was really weird...I can't even describe how weird it was.I also saw this type of roach in South America or something that was as big as my palm!Holy crow it was HUUUGGEEE!!!I screamed and ran away after that.Didn't want to go near it again.AND!I saw a centipede and a looong worm.Totally gross.This time I didn't scream,I just hid behind my dad.haha.OOOH!I forgot to add that I saw a walking stick!IT LOOKED FUNNY!hahaha!!!The "bug" reminded me of the time when I mistaken it for a stick.I screamed the heck out of myself when I saw the stick moving in my hands.Now moving on to the happy things.Butterflies.Totally cool when they are a foot from your face.One even landed on my head!Aww!! :D I walked around with it and then it fluttered away!Bye bye butterfly!