Saturday, December 5

First Day of Snow

At around 6:30am,my school saw the first actual drops of snow in Katy.Everyone ran quickly to the windows and stared at the windows in complete amazment.How could it snow in Katy when it was always hot?It always either shined,rained,or cloudy.Never has it snowed before.Yesterday was my first day of seeing snow.Everyone was really excited when we went to class.The teachers were excited too,but they had to calm us down.After a few periods,my coach announced that everyone was leaving early today.The good thing about that was that the earlier I got out,the more time I could spend in the snow!The bad thing was that Coffeehouse was postponed.I have practiced my butt off the night before,studying my lines!That's so not fair!Later towards the end of lunch,Mr.Farr said that everyone could go outside and look at the snow while making way towards the Front Office.Everyone screamed and charged outside.I just held back and stayed patient.The more patient you were,the longer you got to see the snow.Once I got outside,I danced around in the snow with my friends.And now I'll be breaking something.I promised myself that I would not talk about my ex-crush anymore,but who cares!He's still a friend!You gotta care for your friends!Haha.I just felt a little sad for him because he looked lonely.He just walked slowly and once in a while,he was stop and talk with someone.Other than that,he looked lonely.I really wanted to walk over and talk with him and all(BECAUSE WE ARE FRIENDS!THAT'S WHAT WE DO),but we had to go in.Oh well. :( When I got home,I got my camera and toke picture of me in the snow.I was also amazed ya know!I built a mini-snowman and put int near the bushes.I don't know why.Don't ask me.I repeat.I.Do.Not.Know.Why.I.Did.That.Emma called me and asked me if I wanted to come over and hang out in the snow with her.First,we built our own snowman that was taller than my little sister.I put in a carrot for the nose,while she put in pebbles for the eyes and mouth.I also wrapped the neck in a scarf.Put the snowman in a funny hat too!Emma and I namecd it Billy-Joe.Hahaha!We walked back inside with our numb fingers and toes.Toke about 30 minutes to defrost.Sat by the fire,drinking hot cocoa with the fireplace heated on.Mmm...TOASY!When we finished out hot cocoa,we baked sugar cookies with extra icing and sprinkles.That was really fun.Both of us were dancing and singing along to music while we were baking!Lol.When we finished baking,we went back outside in the freeze and had a snowball fight with my horrible aiming talent.:P My shortness really came in handy though!Emma kept hitting over my head.Hahahaha!!!