Monday, December 21

Visit to the eye docter

When I began my exam,I saw a chart filled with small pictures.In my head,I thought,"Ooh!A boat!A wave!A little puppy dog!". This was my first time in the room so I practically felt like a child.When I looked into something dark...I saw a tiny little light...sooo pretty!I gazed at it in amazement while the doctor checked my eye.The light was in Christmas colors too!Was this some sort of holiday tradition or something???Coool....Then all of a sudden,I felt this short wind blow into my eye.It felt really fun.I blinked rapidly because it was weird...Like a gust of wind on the beach blowing you right into the sea!!!The docter soon said that she was done so I went back out.A few minutes later,they called me back in to show me all these different lenses and stuff.The THING was a giant enormous THING with more than 20 different lenses to see which ones I can see better with.Then there goes the "light".It was blinding me!!Really hurt.Ouch.What's with the lights in the eye clinics??Doesn't make any sense at all.Of course they have to have glasses and lens,but LIGHT??What?!The light is just making you more blind that's all!Eye clinics are supposed to FIX your eyes,NOT make them worse with LIGHT!The cool thing about the whole trip was that I got a pair of sunglasses that reminded me of Lady Gaga for some reason.Lol!Now my eye still hurts like...IDK.A lot!The docter put something in my eye that was a lot like eye drops,but more intense.My eyes feel all puffy and red.Grr....Before I even got to that place,I could look at the Sun a little and not even squint.Now whenever I go outside with the Sun,it's like dying.PAINFUL!!!That's probably why the docter gave me sunglasses.Smart!Oh and wanna hear about what pair of glasses I chose?A pair of Juicy Couture for $200.Dang I'm spoiled.Hehehe.It's a light brown on the outside and pink on the inside.I hate pink,but those were the only cute ones that actually fit me.Don't forget that I have huge eyes.Lol.Huge big brown eyes the color of chocolate...Mmm...xD