Sunday, February 7

My goals

First of all,ever since I flipped through the issue of Marie Claire and saw Frida Gianni actually taking the time out of her famous life at Gucci to travel over Malawi,Africa to help support these kids who are affected by HIV,and let me say that it only takes a good heart to do that,I have been completely inspired.

[Frida running with the adorable kids]

[Frida watering some plants]

And she's not the only one that has done that!Don't forget Opera!So I created a goal.This is how I shall start from now on(And I quoted it by me because another goal of mine is to have at least one of my quotes mentioned somewhere)...
"I'm not the type of girl that makes goals because she is made to by someone.I'm the person that creates goals in order to live a better life.
So call me popular if you want if it's all based on how many friends I have.I have a tree-lovin,kind,animal-hugger,silly heart!Heck yeah!"
-I want to help the world
-I want to become an actress/designer
-I want to cherish my life.Good or not.
-I want to help the next generation
-I want to do the best I can.Work my best.
-I want to show everyone that it's not based on how popular,pretty,handsome,rich,or smart you are,it's all based on what's inside.The heart.(Some people don't even have the guts to do that because they are too busy being the person that they never wanted to be.Always be yourself.

[All photos belong to Marie Claire magazine.<3]

~T xo
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Giaochau said...

I never knew u could say that. Just kidding but i don't get the opera thing though.

Tina said...

:O It's opera winfrey