Thursday, March 11

Obviously true

{The names mentioned are false for confidential matter}

Walked casually into the math classroom,prepared for the test that was soon to come.My books in my arms,I glance around the room to see several people still testing from the last period.Was it that hard?I nervously bite my lip,knowing that math is my second worst subject.Still nervous,I walk to my see him.I didn't know he was in third period math!There JAKE was,packing up to leave.Right in front of me...Wonder if he noticed me behind him yet?Trying to get past to my seat,I accidently nudge his foot.
"Oops,"I giggle.JAKE greets me with a smile on his face."Hey,"he whispers back,nodding to the test-takers.I finally notice that he meant to be quiet for the others.Nodding,I take my seat,letting JAKE continue his work.Taking a deep breath,I prepare myself with a pencil,an eraser,and a sheet of notebook paper for the test.JAKE finally stands up to put away the calculator.Somehow,he managed to retrieve his guts to stop at my seat.
"Here.Just go ahead and use this one,"JAKE,still whispering,offering me his calculator.Number 84....How sweet of him to lend me it!Smiling in thanks,I take it from his hands,fumbling with the cover."Is the test easy?"The big question quickly spills out from my lips."Yeah."Without thinking,I smile again at how smoothly our conversation was going.It's been so long...{Refer to Remember When?}