Monday, March 15


Road trips was and always will be a pain.Sitting in the car for three hours,trying to entertain myself from falling asleep was hard when the sun was rising.Tried listening to my iPod,my favorite satellite dance channel,and my sister complaints,"Are we there yet?This place is too long!"Okay so when we finally got there,my parents wanted to see all the shows and then go on the rides.The shows toke up most of our day,but some were amusing.The sea lion & walrus show was about a guy and his pal,Clyde,wanting to impress a girl named Cookie by solving a mystery.Haha!In Believe,I sat in the first row,so Shamu got me soaking wet.Baby Shamu was adorable!Pirates 4D made me scream when it had spiders and bees in a cave...-.- Water splashed on me when I "walked the plank".Thank God for the sunny day and my bathing suit :p Now the rides...Journey to Atlantis for the 2nd time was funny cuz I kept screaming at the top of my lungs,making the perfect photo opp time.Ran out of time in the end,so my family rushed into the Rio Loco,my dad and I laughing hysterically because my mom got drenched in the waterfall (:

~T xo
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