Saturday, January 30

Paint Day

We all started off with 5 paintjars of different colors:Pink,Green,Black,White,and Blue.This was no ordinary paint day.This was a paint SPLATTER day. :D My friends and I grabbed a can and we started.Today was the day where mistakes were allowed...Just as long as it doesn't get on the ceiling.Tape was everywhere!Her mom taped up the door so we couldn't get out for 3 hours. :O When we were finally done,her mom toke us out to Double Dave's to get pizza and cinnimon sticks.The funny part was that since our shorts were still wet,we couldn't put our sweats on.Nevertheless,not even take it off to replace
it.So we went out in the 30 degree weather in shorts and ran around like maniacs trying to keep warm...Finally our stomachs were full and we were driving back home when her mom suddenly drove in a different neighborhood on "accident".Started showing me houses of my classmates including his.His!Ughhh

~T xo
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Anonymous said...

WHOOOAAA! That seems really fun, lol! And I am trying to post again!