Thursday, January 7

A conversation is bigger than a speech...

Think of the big words in a dictionary.Think of the words a kid in Pre-K would learn.Think of a speech.Then think of a short conversation...Which ones would change a life?A perspective?A feeling?A thought?Most people would say a speech,but what I think is a conversation.Why say too many words when all you do is tire out your voice?A conversation can express more of your feelings and let people know who the true you is...Unless you're lying,then everything changes.Plus,a conversation is much shorter than a whole speech.It makes things go by much faster.What do you do when you're "bored"?Most people talk.See?A conversation DOES make things go by much faster.Enjoy life.Spend your time doing something.Every single second you are actually doing something.Really.Put your hand on your upper-left part of your chest.Do you feel something?A pounding?That's your heart.It means you're still alive and breathing.Facing every single problem in life,easy or hard,and making it thorough.That's what you are doing.Breathing.Now there isn't such a word such as "bored" anymore since you have read this. :) ~T