Friday, January 29

Am I lying to myself?

A friend asked me a question today that left me thinking about a whole lot "Is there a part of you that still loves him?".I've been thinking about it all day and I don't know how I should feel.Sure we're good friends and all.With all those mixed up signals he's sending me,all of my friends think he likes me.They're even planning our wedding!Is my future that readable?Could it change?I try to tell myself to move on.This is supposed to happen anyway.If something doesn't go right,either try again or move on with it...But still.Do I love him?Or do I not?That's the question right now.Things aren't going so well for me these past couple of days.Everything reminds me of you.Whether you're my friend or my crush.It seems like God is trying to tell me something to do.This is almost like a hint in every single minute of my life.Is He meaning that I should say yes?Love is pretty complicated.I've learned that...But can I deal with it?


ItsNaviraAlifa said...

Yes, you are lying to your self. lol :D

Tina said...

This doesn't include yous!