Monday, January 18

Taylor Swift's Top 10 Love Rules

Source:Feb.issue of Girls' Life magazine with Taylor's interview+my thoughts underneath

1.Love your single status.
Take it as a chance with your friends and by yourself

2.Take all kinds of compliments.
Say thank you each time you recieve one,no matter how little

3.Look for love everywhere.
Doesn't always have to be with a boy.It could be with friends,family,or the things you personally love

4.Put your friends before fellas.
If your friend has cried for a big jerko,say bye bye!

5.Be yourself.
People love you for what you are

6.Make sure he's single.
Take risks

7.Breakups happen for a reason.
Learn something from a bad thing

8.When it's over.It's over.
If it's over,don't bother to try to get back together

9.What goes around,comes around.
If there's a problem,stay positive

10.When it's the real deal,you'll know.
You will get this feeling when "it's" there...

ILY!xoxo <3