Monday, January 11

I don't know anymore

Am I lying to myself?Does he really like me?Life seems impossible these days.I think I'm over him.Whenever people ask me if I still like him,I don't know how to reply.A little?Not at all anymore?Totally?These past weeks have been piling tons and tons of questions on me.I believe people are honest.Really.I have a feeling when they are telling the truth.I don't get why people would keep asking me and him(grammar?)We don't like each.Well,I'm not sure how to reply,but for now.I say no as well.I'm also starting to get really confused here.Some of my friends already planned my wedding...Like really?No need for that.My life is difficult enough.Thank you very much.Today I learned that-even though it isn't my fault that people keep bothering us,I apologized for everything.Nbig deal.just a sorry with a quick explanation.It actually makes everything slightly better.Ehh,at least I got something off my shoulders.

~Team Tina.NOT T & A (I go solo. ;) Less problems)