Tuesday, August 25

2nd day of school

Today was just an ordinary day.We reviewed each other's name,and then went to work...aww!When I went to gym,my friend actually compared me to one of the 6th graders.Not fair.She was saying that we have the same dark brown hairstyle.Almost the same height,me being the tallest by 3 inches.WHAT?I don't even see the resemblance!Oh and in math,my teacher calls me Tiny.haha!But I'm used to it because my friends sometimes calls me Tiny Tina.So it's ok :D The most hilarious part in lunch was when my crush was walking past me,I started laughing so hard by the way he walked.My friend saw what I was looking at and started laughing with me.Turns out,"cookie"has some sort of "strut"in the cafeteria!!Lmao!Good thing he didn't notice.And the grossest thing I heard in science was when my teacher said that we would dissect a frog and then maybe measure its intestines....GROSS!Again,my happiest moments came again.On the way back to my locker from science.I saw my crush again.He walked past me and saw me.hehe.He whispered,"Tina."And when I turned my head around,he smiled.AWWW!!!!And I thought he was gonna ask a question or something!!*giggles*AWWWW!!!He actually smiled when I looked at him!And I noticed that his brown eyes are ADORABLE!!!!!tee hee.That just made my day today :) And guess what?I heard that he might be trying out for football or something.COOL! :)