Friday, August 21

locker day

Ok so today was locker day for my school.It was from 1-5 and I came there around 1:30 and stayed there till 3:30 i guess.When I came there,I went into the 7th grade hallway and found it not really crowded.Guess I came a bit early!Oh well.I started finding my locker number which was #1454 I believe :P I finally found it and started doing my combination.Got it on the 2nd try!New high score!haha!When I got it open,I began putting my locker shelf on and all of my binders in.After that,I started decorating it when my Taylor Swift poster and all of my magnets.It seemed a little messy in there cuz I was just putting all of the teacher's stuff in there.Like the hand sanitizer,tissue box,construction paper and so on.When I was done,I started wandering around,getting used to the other side of my school.Then I ran into my guy friends Trevor and Jake.We said hi,and I gave Jake a hi-5 just for fun :).As always,Trevor was jealous,so I gave him a hug. :P And then after that,I saw my other friends,we talked for awhile and joked around.It was kinda funny when my theatre teacher,Mr.Holt,saw me and was happy to see me!Wierd...he usually is scared of me because I am too crazy,wierd,and hyper! :D But then today,he was very happy to see me!I met Giaochau near the library and I helped her set up her locker.AND THEN!lol.I saw Fallon and Emma and helped them with their lockers!hehe.I started poking my friends with this plastic stick I found in the hallway...evil Tina....:D Ok and here's the greatest moment of them all....I saw my crush!!I was walking with Fallon to talk to her mom and stuff until he saw me!I didn't even reconize him at first because he was wearing an orange cap!hehe.notice how I remember what color it was.I was laughing with Fallon until I saw him wave to me.I finally knew who he was and I waved back smiling like crazy.tee hee.I didn't have time to actually talk to him though,but I did get to talk to his mom!haha!That part was funny.She was like,"You're Tina right?I'm ____ mom".And then I said "Yeah.That's me.Nice to meet you!"Then she was going on about how he talks about me at home...*giggles*How he told her about all of my nicknames and that stuff.I was kinda suprised hearing that he really TALKED about*giggles*And then we said bye and left,me still feeling in a daze.Fallon and I went back to her locker to organize and I was talking about a cookie chase when my crush,secretly nicknamed Cookie,just walked past me not noticing that I was talking about him!Phew!Such a relief.I said bye to Fallon and started looking around again finding my classes until he went past me again!What??And he didn't notice me because I was doing something on my iTouch while still paying attention to my surroundings...hahahaha!!