Thursday, August 13

My summer:part 2(Sun.July 9)

Little Rock,AR:When we woke up the next day,which was very early for me(6am),we had to get ready for our canoe trip.The trip to the Buffalo River was about 2 hours away so we stopped by McDonalds and got breakfast.For me,I got a Sausage Muffin w/Eggs and O.J(just wanted to tell you that).Since I woke up at 6am,I decided to take a little nap on the way.haha.I just suddenly fell asleep.No kidding.:PAn hour and a half later,I started seeing mountains and rivers and well...a lot of water!We grabbed 3 canoes,because there were 3 grown-ups and 6 kids!!:DIt was a good thing that we fit in all of them perfectly!Everything else was really exciting besides the fact that everyone 14 and under had to wear the stupid matter if you can swim or now.Even though the deepest is like about 9 feet!That's not so bad compared to the ocean!!Plus,the deeper the water,the more huge rocks.And the more rocks,the more the canoe gets stuck in them.We(all 3 canoes)were on a long race to reach the finish line.All of us paddled 6 miles in 4 hours.My team ended up in 1st place then 2nd then to 3rd because we kept paddling into the rocks...:D.Then later,one of the other canoes got stuck in a dead end...HAHA!!So my team got ahead of them and won 2nd place.And of course,if you were wondering,we had stopped and ate lunch.(For those of you who were scared that I was starving to death ;D)Oh and I forgot to add that we caught 3 fish and saw tons of turtles!!My dad,about 40 something,went cliff diving in the middle of our was hilarious!He was belly flopping everywhere!(I know it sounds sorta gross,but it's actually funny)

Pic:(Left to right)My Megan's 2 guy friends,my short mom :P,me,my cousin's daughter(Megan),my sis(Tracy),my cousin's husband(Larry),Larry's son(Matthew)