Saturday, August 29


Oh and more about cookie:On Friday,my friend Samantha and I were fighting over a cookie(the food).And the ironic part about that was that the person cookie,was sitting at the table across from us!I sat back down,giving up on the cookie(food)and started to fidget around.I started laughing so hard when Samantha shoved most of the cookie in her mouth so I wouldn't get it.haha!!And then after that,I suddenly saw my crush pointing at me from the other table.At first,I thought he was pointing to someone behind me.But nooo!He was really pointing to me!!OMG!!!Then one of his friends said that my crush wanted to talk to me.I was frozen in shock because he barely talks to me these days!!!I shoke my head no because I knew I couldn't think of something not-stupid to say if I came over there.I planned to just meet cookie in the hallway and talk to him.So I did.I asked him what he wanted to tell me earlier and then he just said nothing...wierd...didn't I just see clearly earlier that he wanted to talk to me??Plus I seriously thought I saw him blushing earlier!So he jsut said no.I was confused so I just walked away....still confused and I still am....:) Love,T