Wednesday, August 12

Birthday wishes

Some of you have dared to ask me what I want for my birthday...which is a lot of stuff.Some of you have complained and complained on why I am so obsessed with Twilight!Some of you have wondered if I would like the present that you got for me...Well I'm gonna give you a hint.If it's on my list,I love it.If it's close to my list,I like it.If not...I'll probaly use it once or twice and never use it again.Sorry but,that's life!So here's my list:

1.iTunes giftcard
2.Anything Twilight(obsessed remember??)
3.a cellphone
4.a wallet or a purse with pockets in it,friends,family,kindness,and peace to our world!!!No more violence!!!

The last one should be easy for you.So if you can't do'm shocked!And the #10 should be close to the things you got me.See?I made it easy for you!I can be nice eh? :P