Saturday, August 15


I forgot to blog about this yesterday but...oh well.One day past is not such a big deal.Ok so yesterday,my dear friend @_Irish_Siobhan_ ,sent me the 2nd new moon trailer.Once I watched it like about 8 times,I started to scream and spazz and get all excited like the twi-hard i am.I was practically bouncing in my seat.but..OMG Jake/Taylor was definitly looking HAWT.He looked even more hot after all the extra workout.:P.So yeah,all I gotta say 'bout Edward is that he looked so cool in that red cape!haha.The volturi part got me really excited cause it looked very interesting.Jane/Dakota looked pure evil.Really really evil.Mwhahahaha!!The only thing that got me sorta confused was when Jacob jumped into Bella's window...I don't remember that part in the book...Wierd...But it looked like they were about to kiss!WTH!They kiss in Eclipse,not in New Moon!And plus Bella tries to slap him in Eclipse,but then breaks her hand.hehe.I don't want them to take that part away!!