Tuesday, August 25

First Day Back To School

*I am so very sorry I haven't been blogging lately,due to the starting of 7th grade.I will try to get on more often though.Since I couldn't go on yesterday,which was my first day of school,I'll do it today.*

I walked into the cafeteria to sit with all the 7th graders before the first bell rings.I saw my friends and came over to them to talk about our summer and outfits.:P All of a sudden,Emma was like"There's cookie!"I looked around for him,only seeing a whole group of boys sitting together.But really,he was just standing on the side of a table,looking around for his friends.The bell finally rang and we walked to our lockers on the other side of the school.Ok so first&second(combine) period was fun.Kinda funny in a way when my reading/language teacher spilled a little Germ-X on me.Everyone started laughing at me when everyone was quiet...don't know why.Was I doing something funny?3rd period was gym and all we did was go over the rules,do roll call,and play volleyball.BORING.And guess what?The school finally decided to combine 6th,7th,and 8th grade girls in 3rd period gym.So crowded and so annoying.4th period was math and it was ok.Went over the normal stuff.5th was theatre.So fun.Talked to my theatre teacher a bit.Played a lot of acting games,like last year.Hilarious!After theatre,was lunch.FINALLY.Ate mini corn-dogs,a blue slushie,and a cookie.7th period science was totally wierd.Our teacher started talking about her saving money to go to Hawaii.No offense teacher,but who cares?Later was advisory.My teacher was so honest that she really said that she hates advisory.She was so bored and kept walking around the class.Until there was an overhead announcement saying there was a 7th grade assembly.The most happiest part of the day was on the way to the assembly.My crush was walking beside me when I got out into the hallway.I looked over at him,reconizing someone,but was too bored to say hi.He saw me and said,"Hey!Aren't you gonna say hi to me?"I giggled and didn't reply back.He was confused and finally said,"Fine.Don't talk to me."I thought he was angry or something so I answered back saying that I do want to talk to him.He smiled and we had a no topic conversation on the way to the cafeteria. :) 9th period came.History.I'm ok at that.Went in and saw that my history teacher was just like me.Crazy.Fun.Happy personality.Awesome!We'll get along.