Sunday, August 16

Galveston beach trip

Ok.I woke up at 6,which is really late for me.Arrived at the beach at 9 or 10-ish.Lots of waves I tell you.I was floating and then suddenly this huge wave crashes over me,making me drink the seawater.Disgusting.Totally horrible.Anyone that likes to drink seawater is absolutly crazy,no offense guys,but I couldn't stand it.I stood back up and walked deeper,the waves still crashing into me.Then the water went into my eyes...boy it stung.I was rubbing them and rubbing them.The next thing I know,my eyes are red like tomatos!haha :P I stood back up AGAIN,and just started walking in circles,no reason why.The worst thing about seawater:when it gets in your nose.Oh I was doing everything I could to make it stop.It really really hurt and stung.I got tired of the water and floated back to shore.Drinking Black Cherry Propel really made my throat feel so much better.And after that,I started sneezing all of the salty water out of my nose.Then it suddenly made my nose feel ichy!lol.10 minutes later,we ate steak,chips,and a whole lotta food.I was so full,I didn't even get to finish the cake!And I really like cake!No fair!!Went back to the ocean afterwards.My dad went under to swim and I accidently kicked him by mistake.Woopsies!He went back up to catch a breath and then went back down...Until I accidently kicked him on the head.I didn't do it on purpose!Don't blame me!I'm innocent!We hung around getting tanned until 5:30.And then we went home.Haha!Oh and I forgot to tell you guys this:On the way,we saw this tiny red car getting flipped over and landing on the side of the freeway!We were all really shocked.Poor "whoever-was-in-that-car"!The police and the rest of the "gang":P rushed over and treated the person or people.

Pic:me with my sunburned face(which my mom rubbed Aloe Vera on to treat it),my red eyes(due to the salty water),and my normal cherry red lips. :D I'm red all over!