Wednesday, August 12

My summer:part 1(Sat,July 4)

Little Rock,Arkansas:It was fun...obvisously.We went on a 7-8hr drive from my house to my rich cousin's house in AR.But let me tell you more about my cousin.Well she's already married to a docter,so that explains why she's rich :P We arrived at her huge house, which was surrounded by tons of trees,at 12:30am.But we stayed out late until like 2:00 in the morning.When we woke back up,we had a delicious breakfast cooked by my cousin.She made bacon,sausage,pancakes,hash brown,and eggs.With all sorts of fruit on the side.I couldn't even finish it all!It was soo good though.After that,everyone went outside to the pool to swim and eat.We ate burgers,hot dogs,french fries,and more fruit....which made us full.Really full.Later on,all the grown-ups went to this ooh la la fancy resturant,which the kids couldn't go to.Therefore made me,the oldest child there,stay and babysit the 4 younger kids.Oh such fun!Hours later at like 11pm,the parents finally came home.All of the kids were dozing off and getting ready for bed.Then all of a sudden,my dad just bursts into the room shouting,"You childen ready to do some fireworks?!"My little sister groaned and complained that it was too late.The rest of my family charged out the house and got all the fireworks ready.We did all the fireworks,which ashed the whole driveway.Finally when we done all the fireworks,we went to sleep...

Picture-me on the little cousin on the left.My hair looks a little messed up...I know